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Why Choose A Server?

A server provides resources, data, services, or programs to other computers/clients, over a network.

File servers

File servers store and distribute files. Multiple clients or users may share files stored on a server. File server hardware can be designed to maximize read and write speeds to improve performance.

Print servers

Print servers allow the management and distribution of printing functionality. It can respond to printing requests from numerous clients. It functions by responding to print requests from a client.

Application servers

Application servers run applications in lieu of client computers running applications locally. It removes the need to install and maintain software on many machines as opposed to only one.

DNS servers

DNS system is a distributed database of names and other DNS servers, which can be used to request an unknown computer name. It responds with the necessary IP address from its table of names.

Mail servers

Mail servers receive emails sent to a user and store them until requested by a client on behalf of said user. It allows a machine to be properly configured and attached to the network at all times.

Web servers

Web servers hosts programs and data requested by users across the Internet or an intranet. It respond to requests from browsers running on client computers for web pages, or other services.

Server Works

A device must be configured to listen to requests from clients on a network connection. This functionality can exist as part of the operating system as an installed application, role, or a combination of the two. A server will often perform numerous additional tasks as part of a single request and response, including verifying the identity of the requestor, ensuring that the client has permission to access the data or resources requested, and properly formatting or returning the required response in an expected way.

Microsoft Windows servers

Latest Windows Server version is Windows Server 2016. It supports numerous applications and databases as well as a hypervisor that allows virtual servers.

Linux / Unix servers

Linux/Unix realm is a major player in Server OS. As an open-source operating system, Linux is very popular as a web server, often with the Apache web application server installed.


NetWare moved its server operating system to a Linux-based kernel and named it a Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES). Hence, no longer made.

Cloud servers

There are numerous cloud server providers , including Google’s Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud, Amazon AWS.

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